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【109年度】The Summary and Highlight
The Summary and Highlight

This Project aims to implement teaching innovation, develop school features, enhance the publicity of higher education, and fulfill social responsibilities. The goal is to cultivate new generations of high-quality talents. We focus on the core of "deep-cultivation skills and ocean navigation", which has been implemented from 2018 to 2020. It shows that with the support of the Higher Education Sprout Project, the teaching quality and innovation strategies have been reflected on the learning effectiveness. The highlights and achievements are shown as follows:

1. Implementing Teaching Innovation: digital innovation teaching, cross-domain independent learning

With the improvement of professional classrooms and teaching facilities, teachers and students’ logistic thinking and informational knowledge are promoted. Also, with the Problem-Based Learning (PBL) courses, such as 3D Computer Graphics, Basic Film Production, and etc., the instructors used dynamic teaching models to guide students and improve their learning motivation. Finally, students passed 21 CCA Certificates in “Associate Power Director,” produce 5 short films with marine features, and upload to our online platform. Those achievements can highlight our water-loving feature. With the E-portfolio and Internship Platforms, we plan appropriate career path for students. There are 686 intern students in 2019, and then the number retaining in their internship instructions increases from 58 students in 2018 to 97 students in 2019. This means the percentage increases by 7% to 14%.

2. Developing School Features: cultivating technology leaders, shaping marine features

With the national policy “Paying Tribute to Ocean,” our school use ocean-related industries to become our main features. In terms of academic-industrial cooperation, we conduct 45 new cooperative industries in 2020, assist the improvement of professional technology, and solve problems. Thus, the total subsidy increases 3,924,600. In comparison with the subsidy in 2019, the one in 2020 increases by 70.68%. In addition, to assist teachers and students to connect with the world, we plan to make on-line courses in fashion with South Korea University. In aspect of international competitions, students attended at least 4 competitions and gain 9 golden prizes. Also, for strengthening the practical teaching of marine features, teachers are encouraged to establish advanced teaching communities, such as marine creatures’ specimen making workshop. 2 large-sized teaching materials and 18 small-sized specimens are displayed in Marine Ecology and Environment Classroom.

3. Enhancing the Publicity of Higher Education: diversify and support the disadvantaged, and share in the smart cloud

The experimental shops operated by disadvantaged students are highly praised and appreciated. For example, students produced hand-made goods in the Higher Education Sprout Project Press Conference, Christmas Music Party and TUMT Graduation Ceremony. In addition, we integrated over 80 aboriginal teachers and students from 8 northern universities to achieve volunteer service. Moreover, the establishment of smart cloud platform can accumulate database to provide a basis for decision-making and perfects open institutional information system.

4. Fulfilling Social Responsibility: strengthen regional links and protect water resources

To cultivate students' empathy, character and life education, we held the social care activities to connect local industries and residents. In addition, we are also caring for the development of water faith and culture in the local community. From those above activities, we promote river and ocean ecological environment education, upgrade water activities to connect to the world, and create new opportunities for the blue marine highway. Also, Marine Innovative and Creative Competitions were held to increase the results in universities and colleges’ research and development, such as the health-oriented “Cyanophycin Jelly.”