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【108年度】The Achievements and Hightlights of First Stage
This Project aims to implement teaching innovation, develop school features, enhance the publicity of higher education, and fulfill social responsibilities. The goal is to cultivate new generations of high-quality talents. We focus on the core of "deep-cultivation skills and ocean navigation", which has been implemented in 2018 and 2019. It shows that with the support of the Higher Education Sprout Project, the teaching quality and innovation strategies have been reflected on the learning effectiveness. The highlights and achievements are shown as follows:

1.Implementing Teaching Innovation: digital innovation teaching, cross-domain independent learning

Big data, programming and multilingual cultural courses are designed to strengthen students' multilingual expression and logical thinking skills by using the AR/VR cross-domain virtual reality classrooms, e-sports training labs and multilingual learning classrooms. In addition, through the development of problem-oriented courses and students' self-learning communities, such as PVQC English ability community and new southward community, students' learning attitudes can be improved to active learning, and abilities can be cultivated to solve problems in authentic contexts. In order to enhance students' cross-domain independent learning ability, cross-domain synchronic teaching and industry-oriented courses are set up to create related teaching materials and e-books. By implementing multiple assessment methods to evaluate students’ abilities and stimulate creative outputs, the number of students’ both national and off-campus competition awards, professional licenses, and student innovative outcome rises substantially in 2018 and 2019.

2.Developing School Features: cultivating technology leaders, shaping marine features

For strengthening the practical teaching of marine features, teachers are encouraged to establish advanced teaching communities, cross-school industry-academia cooperation teams, trans-disciplinary leader academy and college Keelboat Sailing cross-school exchange communities. Moreover, teachers demonstrate their teaching performance in designing teaching materials and lesson plans, making ocean-oriented microfilms, creating marine featured souvenirs as well as ocean cultural and creative products to enhance the quality of teaching and learning. In addition, through the recruitment of overseas professionals, the recruited professor assisted the overseas visit and study programs between Korean and Taiwanese teachers and students. Also, recently, our overseas exchange and short study programs expand to New Southbound Countries, such as Nanyang Polytechnic in Singapore. It indicates that students are more willing to participate in various overseas programs. With different international activities, students not only broaden their global horizon, but also enhance their competiveness in the future.

3.Enhancing the Publicity of Higher Education: diversify and support the disadvantaged, and share in the smart cloud

The school hires assistants to accompany the disadvantaged students, and sets up percussion club for the disadvantaged students and conducts interactive group lessons to reduce the loneliness of learning. In addition, in order to assist and protect the disadvantaged students, Aboriginal Center and Special Education Resource Center are set up to provide after-school tutoring to help the disadvantaged students. Furthermore, through the establishment of Institutional Research Center, the issues related to institutional research, such as recruitment, enrollment, learning and guidance, governance and management and so on, are analyzed and discussed. Thus, with the analysis and discussion, this center provides a basis for decision-making and perfects open institutional information system.

4.Fulfilling Social Responsibility: strengthen regional links and protect water resources

By promoting the "Caring about neighbors" activity, we aim to take care of the elderly with the dementia game of APP to interact with residents. Also, our school and Taipei City United Hospital hold activities of the "International Dementia Month" to protect the health of the community and to cultivate students' empathy and implement character and life education. In addition, a national marine leisure food innovation and creative competition was hold, the research and development results from technological schools, such as the developed product "Deep Sea Tremella Juice" was published on the “Ministry of Education Industry-University Cooperation Information Network". On the other hand, we are also caring for the development of water faith and culture in the local community. From those above activities, we promote Tamsui ecological environment education, upgrade water activities to connect to the world, and create new opportunities for the blue marine highway.